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 Custom ClassicTeardrops By Fibertron

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The Retro Model Teardrop Camper has the Classic teardrop shape. This camper trailer sports an all new pantened "Uni-Body" fiberglass molded one piece body. Locking double entry doors with slider window and screen provide safety and privacy, and a rear locking hatch provides access to the cabin/galley. A large roof vent ensures adequate ventilation.

Aluminum alloy wheels scream quality, and the molded retro looking fenders are a real work of art. Fabric interior sides and a vinyl floor make this teardrop camper trailer quality built, and the vinyl clad headlinder is easy to keep clean. This model of teardrop camper trailer also includes Interior lights, along with a full or queen size sleeping area.

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History of the Teardrop and Evolution of other Tiny Trailers

Teardrop camper trailers evolved after World War II, and were originally constructed with materials obtained from surplus markets. The chases were made of steel U channel or from round steel tubing, and the wheels came from Jeeps that were salvaged from sunken ships. The exterior skins were usually made from the wings of World War II bombers.

While a lot has changed since the introduction of teardrop trailers on the American highway, the reasons for owning a teardrop trailer are the same today as they were when your father or grandfather built his teardrop in the family garage.

Teardrop style and Toy Carrier trailers are sleek, aerodynamic, and practical. Depending on the model, Your teardrop trailer and Toy Carrier can sleep up to two adults,and can be pulled by any vehicle with a hitch—even the smallest of vehicles such as the Mini Cooper or the VW Beetle can easily tow them.........

The Toy Carrier By Aeroshield
Haul with Hottest Trailer on the Market....
Designed to accommodate any size Motorcycle, up to 4 Bicycles, and other Recreational type cargo.
Has a Payload capacity of up to 1400 pounds.
It can easily be towed by a small 4 cylinder car, and fits inside most garage doors...........


It's Lightweight - Durable - and Aerodynamic...........


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